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Ever thought about writing a book? If the answer is yes but you have been put off by rejection from publishing houses then worry not. Each year more and more people are gaining confidence in the literary world as a result of eBooks. How do they do it? They get publishing on Kindle!

Authors have been known to sell thousands of copies of their books as a result of using the simple online Amazon Kindle format. It is the easiest way to take control and watch your book sell.

Once you decide to get publishing on Kindle your eBook could earn you as much as 70% in royalties. If your sales volume is good, image the profit you could make from taking the initiative to get publishing on Kindle. Once you have thought out your idea for a book, the promoting of it is free. All you are required to go is open an account, upload you book file, choose a title and cover and watch as your book sales come in. EBooks on Kindle generally take a couple of days before they go live but once made public the sales will start coming in. So why not seriously consider to get out there, and get publishing on Kindle? It is the way forward for today’s authors and will spare you the time and effort of sending to a traditional publishing house and moreover dealing with rejection.

Get publishing on Kindle today as it really is the way forward and the choice of today’s writers and readers!

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