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Publishing for Kindle is not as hard as you may think. In fact each year more and more authors are opting for this publishing method as a means to get their written work out there. Without a doubt publishing for Kindle is proving to be not only popular but also a very lucrative business.

The hardest thing about publishing on Kindle is deciding on a subject matter to write about. Not all Kindle eBooks are very long so there is no need to worry about content if your ideas are brief are short on words. Kindle books range in size and as a result this is reflected in the prices, making eBooks considerably cheaper than the average hard back or even paperback sold in high street stores. Therefore, by publishing for Kindle you really can get away with a short story or eBook.

Given too that the size of a Kindle is relatively small, the format of your eBook will also be of a smaller size. The advantage to this is that your short story or book will have the appearance of being that much longer given the fact that there will be more pages on the Kindle format.

Once your book is all written, all you have to do is upload it. Contrary to what you might think, this is a relatively easy process. You can simply upload your book as a word document and once submitted to Amazon Kindle publishing format you are pretty much on your way. Publishing on Kindle has been made so easy by Amazon in order to get as many eBooks out there. Publishing on Kindle is without a doubt the easy way forward for all those budding authors!

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