Why You Should Learn How to Publish on Kindle

Kindle on Autopilot

Are you selling a book? Then maybe you should think seriously about the latest news revealed by the world’s biggest online book shop Amazon. More Kindle versions of all the latest books were sold than traditional hardback covers and even paperback versions.

Indeed, recent figures have revealed that for every 100 paperbacks sold, Kindle have surpassed this figure with 115 ebook sales. These figures have also revealed that Amazon has also overtaken the number of hardback sales by again selling a reported three times as many Kindle books.

Interesting statistic for those thinking of publishing a book? Quite so and moreover easy to carry out and see for yourself. Without doubt the way ahead as far as book sales goes is to learn how to publish with Kindle.

So how is it done and how much does it cost to publish on Kindle? The answer is simple it is absolutely free and easy to do. All that is required is that you create a customer account, fill a few forms online and upload the book files. It really couldn’t be any easier.

As well as uploading files, you can also upload a cover and preview the appearance of your book in Kindle. Then, once you have decided on a price and a royalty form the only other condition is that you own the copyright over the material. Books must be priced between $2- $9 but you will see that this kind of price has proved far more profitable than that of the traditional hardback cover found in most book stores.

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